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Kontakt mit uns

Contact is an active principle of Eutony. Contact in Eutony means meeting an object (or living being) while remaining within myself. Starting from my inner space, I seek contact with the outside and receive the effects of my touch. Receiving is part of contact.

Making contact means giving and receiving impulses. The active thing is that we manifest the effects of the contact outwards. If I am moved by something, my tone changes and I show this in the form of movement. In Eutony we seek minimal effort and identify the excess of activity. In this respect we are in contrast to the performance mentality, which values effort.

Making contact with an object, with the ground and space, with a living being, allows me to let go within the movement in order to spare myself. Dat applies in both passive and active situations, in professional and private life, when I am in a contact situation, the awareness I bring to the relationship and the action of making contact, I harmonise my tone and respect my needs and boundaries. In contact, I open myself to the other and also allow myself to receive what is good for me.